Maisha Land


Choreography, Imaging , Team Planning Network Recruitment  

Relonda Mutcherson

 Marketing Coordinator

 Social Media Integration

Theron Hobbs

Travel and Transportation Coordinator

Group Modal Transport and Travel Consultation

Our Team

Event Space

We offer cozy event space rental for meetings, tea and birthday parties, baby  and bridal showers. We even offer special rental discounts to GGD  families.

Our Vision

Our Strengths

Home School Enrichment Activities

Dance builds confidence and forms friendships.  Register your student for a single class for fitness credits. We also offer mobile and in studio class options for home school clubs. Families with multiple children enrolled can take advantage of our family discounts.


The talented staff of Gems of Georgia Dance is dedicated to providing affordable dance training and  support  services. From diverse dance style training to consultations and referrals, GGD  aims to provide quality,  flexible and customized services for your dance needs.

Training and Camps

GGD hosts a series of camps for all levels of dance experience and provides specialty camps that can be tailored to your training and fundraising needs.

Dance & Enrichment Opportunities

Gems of Georgia Dance offers more than dance we are an enrichment program "Where Every Dancer Sparkles."  We grow our next-generation of artists by providing fun, quality, affordable dance training and performance options for all ages!