Studio Classes

 Saturday Classes                                      $40  a month

Toddlers & Tutus  (Ages 2 to 6)    9:45 am

Little dancers learn ballet basics and creative movement to the happy sounds of familiar children's songs and nursery rhymes. Dancer must be potty trained and able to follow the teacher's instructions. Studio observation may be required to determine class readiness.

Princess and the Pearl Ballet/Jazz  (Ages 6 to  12)    11:30 am

A combo class where dancers learn the fundamentals of ballet,  and the basic elements of  jazz dance. They also gain an understanding of the discipline and graceful movement.

Sapphire Ballet/Jazz (Ages 12 & up)  12:30 pm
Get ready for the stage lights!Dancers learn ballet and  Broadway jazz dance with the elements of performance of the art. 

Pom-Poms & Props (Age 5-12)

This class combines the basics of  jazz dance with the synchronized movements and visual effects of working with pom poms! Exciting dance routines with fun and flash!